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Brandon Belt, outfielder

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Tony Medina

Remember, there wasn't an opportunity to rosterbate much last offseason. Everything was about Marco Scutaro and Angel Pagan re-signing. They eventually re-signed. And we looked at our watches, and sat down for a couple months.

Conor Gillaspie was traded for a minor-league reliever. We waited for another month. Then we heard a voice that said, "A little to the left. A little to the left," and when we shuffled over two steps, baseball pushed a button, the trap door fell open, and now we're here, covered in porcupine quills. They're everywhere.


This one looks infected.

But the point is that this offseason should be different. The Giants aren't going to try the Blanco/Torres experiment in left field again. There will be at least two rotation spots up for grabs. There's a left-handed specialist who doesn't have a three-year deal yet. And there's a chance -- a chance! -- the Giants won't have to lose a first-round pick to play the market.

The problem, though, is that there isn't a lot of power on the market. Jacoby Ellsbury and Shin-Soo Choo are fine players, and they would help the Giants win in the short term, but they aren't much for dingers. Ellsbury had a Rich Aurilia year once, but they're more like Hunter Pence -- good players with good-not-great power numbers. If you want dingers, you need a player who has never played in the States. You need a player who looks curvy in a green pantsuit:

You need Jose Abreu.

The Giants are interested, apparently. From Andrew Baggarly:

Giants GM Brian Sabean and special assistant Felipe Alou were spotted in the Dominican Republic scouting the Cuban first baseman, according to Dionision Soldevila of ESPNDeportes.

Well, that's interesting. How often does the big cheese go to the Dominican to scout on his own? And with Alou?

Jose Abreu: /batting-practice dinger

Brian Sabean: What in the hell is he doing?

Jose Abreu: /batting-practice dinger

Brian Sabean: My god, he's going to kill someone if he keeps doing that.

Jose Abreu: /batting-practice dinger

Felipe Alou: That's nice, that's nice. Can I see you warm up in the bullpen?

Jose Abreu: ¿Que?

Felipe Alou: Just a 75-pitch side session. Just to see.

Jose Abreu: /batting-practice dinger

Felipe Alou: Okay, then, 80 pitches.

Oh, man, how exciting! A Cuban power prospect! And the Giants are really interested! They flew the GM and Felipe Alou to the Dominican just to …

Dammit, Pavlovic. Didn't anyone teach you to knock?

Okay, we'll have an entire offseason to dig into the pros and cons of a dinger-mashing first baseman like Abreu. Today's post is a comment starter. It's the first step before the offseason rosterbation, really. Simply:

On a scale of 1-to-10, how okay are you with moving Brandon Belt to the outfield?

He has the speed. He has the arm. I reckon he has the tools. This sort of thing shouldn't happen too often …

Or ever again, really. I just put it up there because the GIF never gets old.

My problem with moving Belt has nothing to do with his ability (current or potential) in the outfield. It just seems so … final. One minute he's a plus defensive first baseman, and another he's an outfielder forever and ever. I don't know why that bothers me. There's always a chance Belt could move back if the original reason for the move doesn't work out, but usually the cement seems to dry around moves like that. Once it's made, it's hard to move back.

Also, I'm hesitant because this is the Giants' one area of flexibility. They can move Belt to left if the right first baseman comes along. They can do this once, so they have to choose wisely. And when they do it, they have to commit to Angel Pagan in center for longer than they might have otherwise wanted to. A three- or four-year deal to Abreu is basically a three- or four-commitment to Pagan in center. Which is fine when he looks good, as he has since coming back. But it wasn't that long ago that he was driving us all nuts. Another three or four years isn't going to help matters.

So put me down for a 5 on the 1-to-10 scale. I think Belt can be a fine left fielder. Heck, he has the potential to be one of the best if his reads and routes are okay. I'm just scared about what that'll mean for the 2016 Giants, even if that's ridiculous.