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Giants blow 6-0 lead in epoch-spanning game

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It was uglier than your typical blown six-run lead, too.

Thearon W. Henderson

Everyone who attended that game should get a Croix de AT&T. That's a garlic fry with a safety pin through it, covered in seagull feces. Eat it, drive it through your septum, whatever. It's yours, you've earned it.


Hunter Pence was a triple away from the cycle. He had six RBI. Here's a list of Giants who had six RBI in a losing effort.

Rk Player Date Tm Opp Rslt PA R HR RBI
1 Barry Bonds 2007-07-19 SFG CHC L 8-9 4 3 2 6
2 Barry Bonds 2006-09-22 SFG MIL L 12-13 5 3 1 6
3 Wes Westrum 1955-07-17 (1) NYG MLN L 7-8 4 1 1 6
4 Monte Irvin 1951-04-19 (2) NYG BSN L 12-13 6 1 1 6
5 Bill Terry 1932-04-19 NYG BSN L 7-8 7 2 2 6
6 Mel Ott 1930-08-31 (2) NYG BSN L 10-14 5 3 3 6
7 Irish Meusel 1923-07-26 NYG CHC L 10-11 5 1 1 7

And this was the fourth game this year that the Giants lost after scoring eight or more runs. That's as many as they had from 2010 through 2012.


Hold on a second. This is a baseball game. A meaningless September game between two teams who have been marinating in their own filth for the past couple months. This isn't important. This isn't important.

Two things were forwarded to me today that might be of use in this situation. Here's the first:


Here's the second:

Perspective. Man. Perspective. A world with these things in it can't be so bad.

Of course, while the Giants were busy losing a game in which they scored eight runs, the Dodgers were hitting a walk-off homer.

Dammit, now I want the bull to launch that sheep 500 feet. Stupid sheep. And there's no way Kermit should be taking that kind of crap from a little girl who isn't even famous. Everything about this world is a bunch of crap.


If you were wondering the last time the Giants blew a 6-0 lead, here you go. It was the third game of the 2012 season. Barry Zito started the next game at Coors. That year turned out okay.

And before you feel too sorry for yourself, remember the Giants did this to the Rockies earlier in the year. Boy, I'll be that was fun. This game was not fun.


If the Giants expect anything more than the typical Barry Zito year out of Ryan Vogelsong next year, they're high. Vogelsong's option is modest enough to make it a decent gamble, so he'll be back. But the team has to approach the offseason like he's Zito. Good enough to keep his job, most of the time. Not good enough to be one of the first four pitchers in the rotation of a contending team.

In other words, when they're looking for rotation help, they can assume Cain will be fine and that Bumgarner will be stellar again, but they can't assume anything but slightly below-average innings from Vogelsong. He looked awful.

With a September roster at his disposal, Bruce Bochy shouldn't have kept Vogelsong out there as long as he did. The bullpen didn't need saving.

If he kept Vogelsong out there to get him a win ... oh, mercy, is that stupid. You want a win, starting pitcher? Pitch better. There's nothing worse than leaving a guy on the noose through five innings just to get him a win. Jeez.

People who blindly pay attention to stats like that are ruining baseball. Just watch the game for once. Get your nose out of the stats and actually see how the pitcher is pitching.


Jose Mijares is ... no, wait, I'm going to bed. Yes, yes. Screw this and screw this game, I'm going to bed.