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Very Important Theatre, Vol XVI: Bob Brenly makes four errors, wins the game

I was at this game, you know. I think. Almost certainly. My parents had some sort of Sunday package. This game was on a Sunday. The story checks out. The official attendance was 8,594, but over 76,049 claim they were there, so you have to be careful.

But this is a VIT today for a couple of reasons. First, because I didn't trust myself to link to it on the 27th anniversary. Second, because this is the kind of season that can use all sorts of reminders of how good bad baseball can be every so often. Third, because I didn't realize that Mike LaCoss was built like a clothespin. Fourth, because it's never a bad time to watch this video.

Fifth, because look at all that foul ground behind home plate! Sixth, because 1986 was a fantastic season, especially considering it came after the worst season in team history. Seventh, because I miss the barbaric scrum for home runs that often resulted in lost limbs. And eighth, because I didn't realize that Brenly didn't debut until he was a 27-year-old. He would have been a blog favorite, considering:

1976 22 2 Teams Rk-A 171 2 24 26 .336 .429 .459 .888
1977 23 Cedar Rapids A 595 22 90 108 .271 .381 .439 .820
1978 24 Fresno A 585 17 81 90 .284 .390 .479 .869
1979 25 2 Teams A-AA 460 18 47 69 .301 .381 .496 .878
1980 26 2 Teams AAA-AA 323 8 24 54 .259 .316 .411 .727
1981 27 Phoenix AAA 289 7 29 37 .292 .363 .440 .803

Here's to your four errors and game-winning hit(s), Bob Brenly. Not a fan of the Diamondback-napping, of course. Wonder if Jay Bell is going to manage the 2022 Giants. But it's never a bad time to watch this. Or read about it.