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Here is a picture of Brian Wilson in Dodgers gear

Good morning!

Christian Petersen

If you think you're sick of this now, just wait. Brian Wilson is about three weeks from actually pitching in the majors, and this is going to froth over into pure, fermented disgust.

Until then, I found this on Reddit! Enjoy.


Two things:

1. I'm not sure who the guy on the left is, but I like to pretend he's not wearing a hat, but instead has one of those plastic pompadour wigs like Dogboy or the people in those creepy-ass Duracell commercials.

2. Gross.

Hope you didn't just wake up ... oh, sorry. But it felt important to share this with you and suck away some of your good vibes, stick them in a Ghostbusters-like containment unit, and send them back in time to release in 2010. This is how the world works. Thought you knew that.

The good news is that the Reddit thread that led me to that picture also took us to this highlight:

I'd look at a picture of Brian Wilson in a Dodgers' uniform to remember that highlight again. It's almost certainly worth it.