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Giants drop game, series to Rays

It was a close series! Baby steps.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Instead of thinking of this as a "post-game thread" or a "recap," think of this as "thoughts from a guy who watched two-thirds of this game out of the corner of his eye at a pizzeria." There was an SB Nation meetup in Berkeley this afternoon that pretty much went as expected. I sat in a corner, and Alex Hall from Athletics Nation glared at me for two hours*. It was a blast.

But that also means that this might be the most truncated recap of the year. I figured I'd have thoughts. I do not have thoughts. The Rays are the kind of team that should beat the Giants two out of three at home. The Giants kept the games close. At this stage of the season, that's kind of a moral victory. Draft status enhanced, Red Sox fans annoyed ... really, this series was like the free peanut butter cups in Principal Flanders's office. Sure, it's bad to be sent to the principal's office in the first place, and I'm deeply concerned about the Giants, but hey, free peanut butter cups. The little things.

The thoughts I do have:

  • Guillermo Moscoso should not get a multi-year deal in the offseason
  • Buster Posey is good
  • Starting to wonder about the Giants' ability to get hits with runners in scoring position
  • Alex Torres is having a better season than Andres Torres
  • Wil Myers needs to work on a good ol' bat flip instead of the Ministry of Dickwad Trots if he wants to be a hot dog. Bat flips are secretly cool if done right. The Barry Bonds "I'm disgusted that the pitcher is even alive" trots need to be earned.
  • I would still trade Guillermo Quiroz for Myers. Even throw in Mijares, too.

That's all I got. We're into the comfortably numb portion of the season, especially if the opposing team is clearly better. It was a taut series. The pitchers threw well, for the most part. There are worse series losses.

Which means we're on the acceptance stage? Ugh. I wish I'd spent more time bargaining. That's the funnest part. This part ... less fun.

We still have a chance to spoil the Dodgers' season at some point. Enjoy the games as best you can until then, but start girding your loins for that. Gird the absolute heck out of them.