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San Francisco Giants links to make you a better person

Winning streak, y'all. Winning streak.

Justin Sullivan

Unter Todd Linden | Because Waiting for Boof Was Taken
El Person and garbanzo24, noted Internet gadflys and ne'er-do-wells, have a blog. They are coming for me. With your help, I will crush them. But until the day of reckoning, enjoy their blog! It's about the Giants.

Cool season to start a Giants blog, guys.


Best deadline deal ever: Giants - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN
Without thinking, which one is it? The one they chose didn't even lead to a championship, so I'm thinking it's null and void. Scutaro or bust. Unless you're into Javier Lopez.


Hensley Meulens one of many passing on the "Yankees way" in San Francisco
This article is about the Giants through a Yankees-colored lense. Sorta made me retch. But it's interesting. They didn't even mention Chris Stewart, though ....


Clayton Blackburn: pitching with a purpose | Covefficient
Here's an interview with Clayton Blackburn by a person who spent a lot of time on Twitter writing slash-fic of me and Jeff Sullivan. At this time yesterday, I'm pretty sure I wasn't expecting to type that sentence.


Renderings: San Francisco Giants to plant the first-ever edible garden in a major American sports facility
Renderings of the AT&T Plot. I'll probably have something more on the garden when the time is right, but until then, a suggestion: Kirk Ruetabagas.


Dramatic Jon Morosi tweets - Baseball Nation
For no apparent reason, here are selected Jon Morosi tweets read with a dramatic voice. I've done a lot of silly things in my time. This might be the silliest. And if you don't know what Twitter really is, this isn't going to make sense, but at least you can hear me practice my movie-trailer voice.


(Not sorry.)