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Not That Important Theatre, Vol. I: The Giants go home sad, defeated

Everything was ruined, everything was lost

The whole game. They have the whole game on YouTube now.

There are a few reasons why I'm putting this on the site intentionally.

  1. I dislike you and everything you stand for

    There's a young, wee Miguel Cabrera

    Barry Bonds!

    Jerome Williams?

    Because even years after the fact, I can't get over that J.T. Snow was on second, Eric Young wasn't on the roster, and the Giants had two situational lefties in the bullpen, with Juan Pierre the only left-hander in the Marlins' lineup

    Barry Bonds, though

    Because I stared at the 2013 Marlins page on Baseball Reference, trying to think of a preview topic, and I ended up typing "Mrs. Grant Fernandez" over and over again in my word processor

    Because this video is perfect for when you're in a bad mood and you want to hate the Marlins all over again

    Look at all those roided-up players on both sides! Fun times, fun times

The distance from strike-three-called to Cabrera makes this stuff sting a little more, but not much. Now we can observe this team like a sociologist, from a distance, passively, without wondering WHAT SIDNEY PONSON'S PROBLEM WAS OR WHY TIM WORRELL WAS THE CLOSER IN THE FIRST PLACE AND WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM JOSE CRUZ AND COOL PITCHING JEROME WILLIAMS, and other stuff like that.

Maybe you're a huge Giants fan now, but you were 11 when this game happened. Maybe you've never seen it. If so, it's worth watching. It was really a tremendous game to watch if you were a fan of one of the 29 other teams.