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A 10-year-old Pablo Sandoval hitting a double

This would almost certainly play better if Pablo Sandoval weren't in the worst slump of his career. Since the start of May: .226/.291/.328. There are loose bodies in his elbow. I think one of them belongs to Bartolo Colon. That would make it hard to swing, alright.

That written, this is still an incredibly fun clip. The YouTube video says it's from 1995, which would make Pablo either nine or 10. He looks older than that, but then you look at the kid going back on the ball. He lets you know the age is correct (or close to it).

Look at that swing. I miss that swing. What happened to that swing? Be more like a 10-year-old, Pablo. They hit doubles.

Even if the swing doesn't come back soon, here's a video of a 10-year-old Pablo Sandoval driving a double into the left-center gap. Those days will come again, hopefully.