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Video: Christian Arroyo and Ryder Jones

The Giants' first two picks in the 2013 draft, presented for your amateur scrutiny

It's not that unusual to be interested in the players your favorite team drafts in the first couple rounds. First-round picks are the seeds that grow into snot-rocket trees, to pick just one success story.

But I've taken it too far on occasion. I'm still pretty jazzed about Joe Panik, for example. He's like a Marco Scutaro for a new generation. Ignore the .266/.341/.360 line. Joe Panik is going to rule. You'll see.

I even followed Ben Copeland for a while. He was the Giants' first pick in 2005 ... but he was a fourth-rounder. Because the Giants signed Armando Benitez, Mike Matheny, and Omar Vizquel, the Giants lost their first three picks. It was the best draft in the history of baseball, but that's hindsight for you. And in the fourth round, the Giants took Copeland. He was kind of like a Gardenburger, but for first-round picks.

Long story short: Here is video of Christian Arroyo and Ryder Jones. I'm optimistic. Here's what they're doing in rookie league, which is about as meaningful as spring stats. Still! Maybe they can be the next Gary Brown, who used to be the next Kenny Lofton. That was really exciting for a while!

Video by way of Baseball Prospectus. Subscribe!