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Kyle Crick makes Baseball America's midseason top-50 list, will save us all

In 2015, Crick shirseys will do a brisk business. Brisk.

Really looking forward to some new Kyle Crick pictures for my photo tool, everybody.
Really looking forward to some new Kyle Crick pictures for my photo tool, everybody.

Because you don't want to think about hanging sliders and Yasiel Puig and Zach Wheeler, at least for a few more minutes, here is a post about Kyle Crick. Baseball America released their list of midseason top-50 prospects, and there's actually a Giants prospect on there! What they wrote about the 49th-ranked Crick:

#49. Another injured pitcher who has recently returned to the mound, Crick is next in Giants’ long line of power arms.

And if you haven't been following the links to's videos, you've been missing some quality Crick.

Mrmph. So impressive.

The best part? There's no way he's going to get traded. Not just because the Giants are suddenly terrible, but because everything's working against the idea. There isn't a premium player on the trade market, and even if one came available, Crick isn't exactly an A+ prospect just yet. He could be by the end of the year, but I don't think he would be the kind of prospect that would bring back a Cliff Lee on his own. Certainly not a Giancarlo Stanton.

Also, the Giants are suddenly terrible. That's probably the biggest reason there isn't going to be a big trade.

There was also something of a PR push behind deadline deals, in which part of the value of a Beltran or Hunter Pence came with the general excitement and curiosity of a new star. Fans got excited for the deals, and they might have been offended if the Giants had stood pat. The Ballad of Zack Wheeler has done a lot to ruin the benefits of such a push. The Giants made trades mostly for baseball reasons, of course. But the awareness of Wheeler has allowed the team to make (or not make) trades exclusively for baseball reasons. Crick's a gonna stay, at least for the near future.

Matt Cain was in the Cal League in 2004, and in the majors the next season. Crick isn't as polished as Cain was, but it's not always a two- or three-year wait for these guys. Of course, you could always drive 45 or 60 minutes to see Crick for the next two months, too. There are a lot of prospects in baseball. According to a pretty good source, Kyle Crick is the #49th-best.