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Giants, Reds postponed

Because Cincinnati hates the rest of America.

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Joe Robbins

The Giants would have played the game. They could swing the bats in the rain without them getting wet. Darndest thing. But the Reds were babies and the umpires were babies, and we have an extra three hours on our hands. I wonder if there's one of those house-hunter shows on HGTV to ... oh, looks like there's 48 in a row. I'll start with that, drink a lot of beer, and end the night by microwaving some forks and telling my daughters that it's a fireworks show. 'Merica.

The rainout is pretty tricky, though, seeing as the Giants don't travel to Cincinnati again. Andrew Baggarly noted that the two teams do share an offday ... in Coors Field. That would be obnoxious. But I can see it happening. Baseball has done similar things in the past when they've needed to.

I was hoping the Giants wouldn't lose today, and they came through. This is the best news of the season to this point. This season has been a mild disappointment, everyone.