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MLB Trade Deadline: Giants will 'definitely move' Javier Lopez


We all know the Giants' game by now. They want prospects, but they want to keep Hunter Pence and Tim Lincecum. They kinda think teams should just give the prospects away as a gesture of goodwill. Some day, and that day may never come, they will call upon the Giants to do a service for them. They'll have it in the bank.

But Javier Lopez isn't mentioned much in the will-they/won't-they dialogue, which is odd because he's a pending free agent, and you know the Giants would like to re-sign him. According to Joel Sherman, though, Lopez is almost certainly a goner:

The Giants will definitely move lefty reliever Javier Lopez, and the Indians have shown interest.

That tracks with the Indians scouts that Jordan Bastian saw watching the Giants recently. I'm so, so sorry, Indians scouts. No job is worth that.

While it's fun to think about prospects and such, it doesn't hurt to put things into perspective. Javier Lopez has faced 555 batters as a Giant. This is the only home run he's allowed. The Giants won that game. Goodness, I don't want this man to leave.

But I also understand the Giants' need for shiny prospects. Teams should be in on Lopez. He wins World Serieses.