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Giants will 'entertain trade offers'

First with dinner, then a movie, and then they'll see where it goes from there, no promises.


You knew it was coming. You hoped it was coming, at least. You just weren't sure if the Giants agreed. But getting swept by the Cubs at home is like the baseball gods martinluthering a piece of parchment reading "YOU ARE HAVING A BAD SEASON. GIVE UP" to the front door of AT&T Park. It's over. Time to listen to some trade offers.

From Ken Rosenthal:

So Sabean, according to major-league sources, now will do something that he has done very rarely since becoming the team’s GM since 1997 — entertain trade offers for veteran players at the non-waiver deadline.

Rosenthal identifies the three likeliest trade possibilities as Hunter Pence, Tim Lincecum, and Javier Lopez. Considering the state of the outfielders on the market, Pence should bring back a mini-bounty. Lincecum is ... look, I have no idea what he would bring back. Lopez should bring back a John Bowker-type. Which is to say, someone awesome and wildly underappreciated.

The nugget I like the best in Rosenthal's article:

If the Giants traded Pence, the value of the return would need to exceed a draft pick between the first and second rounds, the compensation they would receive if they made him a qualifying offer and he departed as a free agent.

The Giants should easily top that in a nearly barren offensive market, and they also might get a strong return if they suddenly make Lincecum available.

We're here. And no one mention the words "rock bottom," when the Giants get Andy Marte for Pence. We're getting into Candyman territory with rock bottom. Say it just a few more times ...