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The Marco Scutaro rainglobe, revealed

Hold on a second. Lemme just ...

That's a Vine. I'm not really sure what a Vine is. That's one. I guess it's like something that would exist if a GIF had sex with a YouTube video. It's also a part of "social media." And tomorrow night, the Giants are going to have a whole Social Media Night. Here's a video that features how the proprietor of McCovey Cove Chronicles came up with the whole idea on his own:

Don't stare at the opening quote too long, lest you get poignant burns about your hands and face. Too much poignant, man. Too much.

Merope has a meetup/roll-call thread going here, and that's probably the better place to handle logistics for meeting up, seeing as this thread is about to be overrun with Doctor Who talk or some such.

But it's happening, everyone. And it's happening tomorrow. Should be a ton of fun.

Really, I just wanted to pay $30 for one.