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Brian Wilson works out, Dave Righetti attends

It was fun, fun, fun until injuries took the fastball away, but get ready to smile.

Win McNamee

Missed this yesterday, and by the time I saw a report on CSN, we were all running around, covered in flammable Lincecum. But Brian Wilson is in San Francisco, and Dave Righetti watched him pitch off a USF mound. From Alex Pavlovic:

Brian Wilson again threw at USF on Monday, with two important members of the Giants organization in attendance. Bullpen catcher Billy Hayes caught Wilson, as he did Friday, and pitching coach Dave Righetti was looking on.

The Giants have kept tabs on Wilson throughout his rehab from a second Tommy John surgery.

"We've tried to stay in touch throughout the process and monitor his progress," assistant general manager Bobby Evans said. "His rehab is our responsibility. He's a Giant, and we've been in touch with his people as he considers his options.

Now, the default position of McCovey Chronicles on Brian Wilson has long been this:


It's a well-argued position. Practically unimpeachable. And to the goofballs who are glad he's gone, or who enjoy proclaiming that they were tired of his act: This is Jack's sense of great shame. How dare you. How dare you, sir or madam, wear that homemade Kirt Manwaring shirsey and call yourself a real Giants fan. Brian Wilson gave his ligament for your sins. And considering all that, I was for a Wilson signing in the offseason. As long as he was healthy.

He wasn't healthy. And the Giants went with Chad Gaudin, among others, and life went on without Brian Wilson.

Now there's a chance Wilson could be ready by the end of the year, though, and the Giants might be interested. That's great news, right?

Gonna say no. It would be depressing to watch Brian Wilson pitching for a bad Giants team. It was a much better idea when these monsters were stacked, in which these monsters are defined as "the team we were fools to expect." But imagine an September 14 game against the Dodgers. Wilson comes out in the seventh, gives up a walk and two hits, leaves. The Dodgers win 8-2. You're reminded, if ever so briefly, of how things were just a few months ago. You sob. Wilson leaves as a free agent anyway.

The cheers would be fun whenever he came in the game. He's still a popular Giant; the nabobs are in the minority. But the whole thing would feel like a concert at the county fair. Hey, look, that's Buck Dharma. Wheee, shred, Buck, shred. Play "Godzilla." Don't play "Burnin' For You" until I'm back from the corn dog stand. Wheeeeeee. It would be a sad shadow world compared to what we remember.

Unless the Giants rip off 10 straight wins, mind you. Then they'll need bullpen help, and I'd be thrilled if Wilson were the guy. Until then, though, can't say I'm interested. It would be a lot more fun to watch him pitch for a good team in the playoffs.

Except for, you know. That one.