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Which Giants player is the clutchiest?

More importantly, who has the best body language when they play baseball?

Christian Petersen

Marco Scutaro has a .760 OPS. Hunter Pence has a .759 OPS. They've gotten there in different ways, so it's not like they're having identical seasons. But when it comes to raw offensive production, they're close. You have an idea which player you would want up with a one-run deficit and a runner on second, though. I'm not going to put words in your mouth, but you've probably already picked between them in that hypothetical scenario.

This is because you've watched a game or two of Giants baseball. But more than the raw stats, you have a general feeling about which players are "clutch" and which ones aren't, even if you are oh-so-enlightened and know that clutch hitting is something of a myth. At least the idea that clutch hits are something you can predict from a player year after year.

But while it might be impossible to predict which players will be clutch, it's not impossible to look back and see who was clutch. Just because players probably don't have a clutch bone -- at least nothing that's consistent from year to year, like speed or power -- doesn't mean that you have to ignore all the clutch hits that actually happened.

Which is all a long-winded way to introduce a table of the Giants' leaders in Win Probability Added. If you want a primer in WPA, this is a good place to start. Here's a good explanation for a general audience. It's an attempt to tally up the timing of all these outs and hits. Which Giants players have timed their production well this season?

Clutch. There, I wrote it. Which Giants have been clutch this year? This doesn't predict who will be clutch in the future, but it gives you a pretty good idea of who has had good timing so far this season.

I can't tell if this lines up with my perceptions or not. I probably should have guessed at the order before looking it up, dang it. Pagan at the top surprised me, and I would have expected Scutaro to be a lot higher. Sandoval being in positive territory really surprised me because I have images of him hitting with runners in scoring position and chasing pitches that would be above Damon Minor's head. I guess what a player looks like really is more important to the ol' brain than what he actually does.

Which would explain why the second-best mark on the team belongs to the Greatest Enemy that San Francisco Giants Baseball has Ever Faced. Brandon Belt also has the second-best OPS on the team, mind you. But by all means, let's keep arguing about him and sitting him so Quiroz can keep getting playing time.

And look at the lefty-mashers at the bottom of the list. It's almost like ... stacking right-handed hitters in the lineup against left-handed pitchers isn't effective if the right-handed hitters aren't any ... dammit, I'm so close to an epiphany ... it's on the tip of my tongue ...

In conclusion, Buster Posey has helped the Giants win baseball games this year, and if someone says otherwise, you can point to the STATS.