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Giants trade rumors: Lincecum as a reliever is 'far-fetched'

Denis Poroy

We're surprisingly close to the trading deadline. Doesn't it seem weird that there are fewer than two weeks left? And that we're almost 100 games into the season? Wait, the Giants are bad now? None of this makes sense!

But the rumors are going to come hotter and heavier, so buckle up. It's officially ...


Except there's nothing silly today! Not yet. There are two notes/rumors today, and they're both eminently reasonable. First, from Jon Heyman on Tim Lincecum:

"Far-fetched," one National League executive called the scenario whereby Lincecum is traded to a team that immediately turns him from starter to closer.

Makes sense. I always thought the idea of Lincecum as an automatic super-reliever was a little too optimistic. Just because he did well in a handful of games last October, that doesn't mean he's Jason Grilli now.

Also, I just hinted that "Tim Lincecum isn't Jason Grilli" would be a disappointing thing for another team. It's cold on the other side of this rabbit hole.

The second thing comes from Jim Duquette's tweet machine:

You can almost read that as the Giants are keeping Pence. But I'm choosing to translate it as "Boy, I hope that this team stops sucking eggs so we don't have to trade this player that we really like." And, hey, I like Pence, too. I hope he's good and the Giants are good, and I want him around for the next three years if he promises not to decline.

But if the Giants have to "go down that road," I'm thinking they will. Other than Romo (and maaaaybe Javier Lopez), the only player who will bring back decent prospects is Pence. Maybe the energy and heartbeat will pry an extra one away!

The best thing, really, would be for the Giants to win 10 straight. So let's all kick back and wait for that to happen before silly season gets sillier.