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Zito, Giants allow several hits to Padres

It typically works out better when they don't do that.

That looks bad.
That looks bad.
Denis Poroy

On the whole, I preferred last night's game.


I had a Manhattan with lunch, and fell asleep from innings six through eight.

Is that a metaphor for this game? No. The Manhattan was delicious. This game was like someone replaced the sweet vermouth with liquid English Patient, then filled the room with carbon monoxide.


The Giants have a .000 winning percentage in Jeff Francoeur starts. If they played an entire season with a .000 winning percentage, they would break all sorts of records.


The Giants have a .000 winning percentage in Barry Zito starts. If they played an entire season with…

Wait, hold on, lemme check that … huh. Well, I'll be. Sure felt like it.

After the amusing "Zito just wins" nonsense from earlier in the year, this regression to the mean has been cruel and swift. The Giants have won just one of Barry Zito's starts since the start of June, and he has a 6.42 ERA in that stretch.

We're pretty close to the end of the Zito era. There's a chance the Giants might re-sign him of they're devoid of alternatives, But I'll assume that the Giants and Zito are going to part ways. It's close. It's close. But I have some serious Barry Zito-related senioritis going on right now. I know the end is close, but I still want to cut class and do anything else rather than watch a Zito start. I stopped getting angry in 2009. Now it's just a dull hum. A dull, dull, dull hum.

It wasn't that long ago where it was appropriate to wonder who the odd man out was in the rotation when Ryan Vogelsong came back. Now? Not so much. At least the threat of the 2014 option vesting is mostly gone.

So long and thanks for all the fish. And the NLCS last year. And Game 1 of the World Series. Good Giant, it turns out. But, goodness, am I tired of the slog. Barry Zito starts are a good way to question if this sport is even interesting in the first place.

Huh. that button was supposed to insert the Lincecum gallery into the post, but it didn't work. Now that's a metaphor.


Giants records at the break for the last 25 years:

Year W L W-L%
2013 43 51 .457
2012 46 40 .535
2011 52 40 .565
2010 47 41 .534
2009 49 39 .557
2008 40 55 .421
2007 38 48 .442
2006 45 44 .506
2005 37 50 .425
2004 49 40 .551
2003 57 37 .606
2002 49 38 .563
2001 46 42 .523
2000 46 39 .541
1999 50 38 .568
1998 52 37 .584
1997 51 36 .586
1996 38 48 .442
1995 33 36 .478
1994 39 50 .438
1993 59 30 .663
1992 43 44 .494
1991 35 46 .432
1990 44 39 .530
1989 51 36 .586

If you're wondering why this season has felt like such a drag, there you go. This is pretty rare, this first-half meltdown.


Santiago Casilla is back. That would have been really, really exciting at the start of June. Right now, I'd almost prefer to watch Jake Dunning, just because he's different.

But Casilla makes the team better, and I guess they're only 6.5 out. That's probably insurmountable. But it's also something that can go away quickly with a Diamondbacks series and a hot two weeks. A better bullpen can't hurt, and for all his faults, Casilla has been pretty steady. He had a good return outing.


Kyle Crick pitched in the Futures Game, which is important because he is going to save us all one day. free f.p. #14 had a recap:

Kyle Crick threw to three batters in the ninth. FB was consistently 95-97, he didn’t command it well though and walked two batters. He threw mostly fastballs, I think I saw two curveballs. Curveball looked good, both were 82 with 11-5 break. He walked Xander Bogarts, got Miguel Sano to line out to center, and walked Henry Urrutia before getting taken out.



It's tough to get grumbly about this game. Tim Lincecum threw a no-hitter, everybody. But a sweep sure would have been cooler. Sure would have been.