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Random Felipe Crespo videos


I have thoughts about Chad Gaudin. It's too early to get deep and serious.

I have thoughts about Brandon Belt. It's too early to get angry at stupid people who focus on him as the problem with the 2013 Giants.

I have thoughts about the Giants. That's the worst part.

But there are 1,600 comments in climbing in the last thread, mostly because I shut my computer after yesterday's game and rolled around on the bed with my thumb in my mouth. So something needs to go up. But it shouldn't really make you think. Just dumb entertainment.

Well, sure, badger GIFs qualify. But I was thinking about Felipe Crespo videos for no good reason. The video is so old, it makes AT&T Park seem historic.

I miss that guy. Who was the last switch-hitter with power the Giants had off the bench? Probably Crespo. Unless Todd Linden or Dan Ortmeier qualify. Which they don't. Oh, wait, maybe the question should have been about the last switch-hitter with power before the Hector Sanchez era off the bench.