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Very Important Theatre, Vol. IX: The story of the rainglobes

It's a very important day here at McCovey Cove Chronicles. As a lot of you McCCCc readers know, valued reader/keyboard user thirteenthirteen posted an idea in the McCCCc message boards about a Marco Scutaro rainglobe. See, Scutaro did this:


And a nation wept with joy. And by "nation," I mean "34-year-old man." So thirteenthirteen posted about it, I wrote about it here at McCovey Cove Chronicles, and it's actually happening.

Now, for the first time, our story ... can be told. First time today, at least. And first time in a slick video! Enjoy, and be gentle. I know you're all watching me age like a president, but still feel like I'm as beautiful as I was the day I started McCCCc. That's all that matters.