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MLB Draft 2013: Christian Arroyo video

Video of Christian Arroyo, the Giants' first-round pick:

Scouting terms that I've just made up about Arroyo:

  • His hands have a bit of the "jabberjaw" going on, as they glide through the zone like a wisecracking shark
  • His glove is a classic "Physical Graffiti" type at short -- probably would have been better combining all of those tools into one album instead of overextending himself with a double album
  • His arm is "mauve", though it has a chance to be "burnt umber" with work and practice
  • He probably doesn't have "any power," nor will he "develop any."

I can't tell why he isn't supposed to develop power; based on that swing and the fact that he's 18 with a chance to fill out, it doesn't seem out of the question. Dustin Pedroia is a dust mite, but he has pretty outstanding power for a second baseman. Dunno.

But if you're looking for video on the Giants' first-rounder, here you go. There isn't a lot of it. Probably because he was around the 100th-best prospect according to a lot of pundits, so he wasn't the most high-profile fellow.