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2013 MLB Draft: Giants select Christian Arroyo

The Giants took a shortstop who probably won't stay at shortstop, and who wasn't generally considered one of the top 50 players in the draft. But other than that ...

Chung Sung-Jun

With the 25th pick in the 2013 draft, the San Francisco Giants selected Christian Arroyo. Now let me tell you why I absolutely hate this pick. He probably isn't even going to help the Giants this year! Can't trade him for a year, either. What a mess.

Kidding, of course. The boring reality is that I'll follow the Giants, lemming-like, over a cliff for the next decade when it comes to the first round. Plus, it's not like the greatest draft in the history of draftdom would have an impeccable track record picking 25th. These are all raffle tickets.

That written, here's what we know about: He's a shortstop (for now) out of high school, he was the 102nd-best prospect according to Baseball America, and we're all going to complain about him because of where he was projected to go.

From John Sickels...

Arroyo's bat is considered quite promising but he faces a positional switch due to lack of speed.

... Baseball America ...

At 6-foot-1, 180 pounds, Arroyo has surprising pop and grades out as a solid-average hitter if not a tick better. He wants to play shortstop and has excellent hands, a quick release and instincts that allow him to make all the routine plays and some spectacular ones. Still, few scouts see him as a shortstop in the big leagues.

... and

At the plate, he overstrides and shifts his hips early, keeping his hands back and making up for some mechanical inconsistencies with quick hands and good bat speed. There's likely more power in his bat if he can stay back instead of drifting over his front side. He has good arm strength but is a below-average runner and doesn't have the footwork to stay at shortstop

Sounds ... iffy to me. But, whatever. I'll trust you, Giants! I'll trust you to the moon! It was a lot more entertaining when I was cynical about everything, I'll tell you ...

Also: Money is important with the new rules. If the Giants loved Arroyo and were able to cut a pre-draft deal with him, that might free up money later on. So save the freaking out for hahahaha, just kidding. Keep freaking out. It's your right, by gum.