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The best draft picks in Giants history, round-by-round

At least one name will alert your IT department. Doug Fister might, too.

Ezra Shaw

There are 50 40 picks in the 2013 MLB Draft*. One of them will probably be named Danforg Lingleting, and every will have a good laugh before they realize that the poor fellow will have his dreams crushed and never make the majors. Almost none of these guys will. It's kind of sad. Oh, Danforg. You flew too close to the sun. :(

But some of these mantis babies won't get eaten, and they'll eventually be the players we know and (sometimes) love. Here, then, is a look at the best Giants ever drafted in each slot. This is a judgement call, not a ranking by WAR, especially because guys like Steve Busby, Bobby Howry, and Bob Shirley accumulated their stats with other teams.

(Round - Player)
1st - Will Clark (Buster Posey considered; application under review)
2nd - Bob Knepper (Barry Bonds was unsigned out of high school)
3rd - Mike Benjamin
4th - Russ Ortiz/Brandon Crawford
5th - Brandon Belt
6th - John Burkett
7th - Mike Aldrete
8th - Trevor Wilson (Davey Lopes didn't sign in '67)
9th - Keith Foulke
10th - Jamie Brewington (Pete Incaviglia didn't sign in '82)

11th - Chili Davis
12th - Ryan Sadowski (or Damon Minor or Kevin Frandsen)
13th - Jack Clark
14th - Lenn Sakata (didn't sign, but managed SJ Giants and Grizzlies!)
15th - Bill Mueller
16th - Tom O'Malley
17th - Steve Holm!
18th - Dennis Cook
19th - Jon Coutlangus
20th - Gary Lavelle (J.D. Drew didn't sign in '94)

21st - Travis Ishikawa
22nd - Ron Bryant
23rd - Mark Dewey (booooo)
24th - Ed Halicki/Brian Wilson
25th - Ryan Meaux (traded for Kenny Lofton)
26th - Mark Dempsey (pitched five innings)
27th - Jonathan Sanchez
28th - Sergio Romo
29th - Mark Leonard
30th - Ralph Dick (funny name)

31st - Matt Palmer
32nd - Colin Ward (12 innings)
33rd - Trey Lunsford
34th - Randy Bockus
35th - Antoan Richardson (a minor-league OBP monster now, in case you missed that)
36th - Matt Downs
37th - Leslie Ream/Rusty York (assuming both are on
38th - Tyson Brummett
39th - n/a (not a single major leaguer or funny name)
40th - Windy Currie

41st - Rocco Buffolino
42nd - Brad Lidge (didn't sign)
43rd - n/a (not a single major leaguer or funny name)
44th - Travious Relaford (still in the minors, at least)
45th - Calvin Fugett
46th - Albie Lopez (didn't sign)
47th - Scott Munter
48th - Devin Harris
49th - Doug Fister (didn't sign)
50th - Marvin Benard

Hey, it's interesting to me, at least. The best third-round pick in Giants history is Mike Benjamin, at least until Mac Williamson or Roger Kieschnick show up. Or until John Bowker returns from Japan and fulfills the prophecy of the elders.

And maybe the Barry Bonds/Brad Lidge/Doug Fister picks are worth their own post. Maybe in 2014. The woulda coulda shouldas. The Giants would have pummeled the Cardinals in '87 with Bonds, dagnabbit.

So when you're freaking out about a third-round pick tomorrow ... don't. Or do! Heck, it's kind of fun.

Also, Rocco Buffolino.