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2013 MLB Draft: Experts coming to a Krookcensus

The Giants are not not a Krook. Fan. They're not not a Krook fan. Oh, be quiet. We would still have years to perfect these puns.

Mike Stobe

Whenever you get tired talking about the Giants pitchers you get to watch right now, why not examine the Giants pitchers you might never get a chance to watch in the future? The MLB Draft is just perfect escapism at a time like this. The Dodgers brought up their big prospect, and the Giants have no one with which to counter.


Maybe. Probably not. But maybe!

(Also, an aside: We should get a catchy name for draft day. Thinking June 6 should be known as "D-Day" this year because of the 2013 draft. Give the idea some time. It could work.)

A couple experts are coming to a consensus when it comes to the Giants' pick at #25.First, from Keith Law

RHP - Matt Krook

And from Baseball America's last three drafts:

PROJECTED PICK: Matt Krook (Mock draft 1.0/2.0: Krook/Krook).

No word on if the Giants will grab "Don Kipe" in the second round, hoping to lead the league in WRAR (witty rejoinders above replacement) for another couple of decades.

The attraction of Krook is obvious -- local kid with a big, projectable arm. But while the Giants have gone to the same well a few times in the past (Lewis & Clark State, for example), they haven't done a lot of local drafting early. Martin Agosta last year, Brandon Crawford in 2007, Clayton Tanner in 2006, and Nate Schierholtz in 2003 are the only local early-round selections I can find over the last ten years, and none of those players were the first selection. So just because Krook is local, that doesn't necessarily give him a huge advantage. It's not like the Braves magically getting dibs on every Georgia prospect, for example.

For your edification, here is video of Krook shot by someone who wants to die:

Get a little closer, fella. A liiiittle closer ...

Looks good from here, though, and as always, this is a required disclaimer that I'll trust the Giants with whatever they do. The draft is a freaky crapshoot anyway, and the Giants have gotten more value from the bottom half of the first round than most teams. A nice, projectable lefty would be fine, just fine.