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Weekend links

All the links that are fit to link.

Ezra Shaw

Boy, I had some doozies for you. Some real interesting links. But I lost a ton in the Great Browser Crash of '13, and, well, these were the ones I could find. Maybe instead of spending time on your next doodle, you can make a stable browser!

Oh, I can't stay mad at you, Chrome.


Every Major-League Ballpark, Ranked by Walk Score | NotGraphs Baseball
My favorite link of the week comes from Carson Cistulli. Which ballparks are in the middle of it? In which "it" is defined as "you know, it." If you're thinking AT&T is one of the more walkable parks, well ... you don't like surprises very much.


Welcome to AT&T Park’s new social media cafe – home of the giant Tweetdeck
Forgot to mention the new social-media cafe. The Giants could have razed the Build-A-Bear shop and salted the earth, and AT&T Park would have been improved. Nothing against the fine people of Build-A-Bear, who ran my family friends into the ground, but those things made baseball games expensive for people with kids. Also, my daughter had one that played a tinny "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" at Meshuggah speed, and it would go off when she rolled over on it in the middle of the night, pretty much guaranteeing that she's going to be a hockey fan or something awful.

The social-media cafe -- keeping the hypen in, dagnabbit -- is pretty cool. There's a Giant screen with curated tweets, and Larry Baer said while the tweets are screened for profanity, they aren't necessarily screened for negativity. Which will come in handy over the next couple months.

Scout's Corner: Bruins are champions, but no scout's dream -
CBS Sports got some scouts to dish on the UCLA players, and here's what they said about my new fascination, Nick Vander Tuig:

Nick Vander Tuig, starter (6th round, Giants): "He has a little better arm than Plutko, but they're similar, same pitchability, and they both compete. He'll throw about 90-92 with a good breaking ball. . . . He's a lot like Plutko, but he has a better slider

And if you're looking for some highlights, well, I think the NCAA just got their baseball stuff on Prodigy. In about five years, they'll upload some highlights to "YouTube!" Until then, here's an interview with Vander Tuig with some highlights sprinkled in.


Twitpic / TheCityGFX
Some new entries in the All-Star Game propaganda genre. Vote.


My Family of Gregs " White Shark
Oldie but a goodie, as I just saw this for some reason.

I have a twin brother (not identical) whose name is Gregory. And I have a younger brother whose name is Gregsman. So Gregor, Gregory and Gregsman. Why? I still don’t know. My mom said she just liked the names

The whole post is pretty endearing, actually. Blanco is a pretty amazing find. He's the karma cashed in from giving away Garry Maddox, Gary Matthews, George Foster, and Bobby Bonds in the same decade.


Who is your least favorite Giant? | San Francisco Giants: The Splash | an blog
I can't tell who's worse, the person who decided Ray Durham should be on the list, or the person in the comments who suggests "Willie Mo Pena." Probably the Durham person because the Pena person had to be kidding.