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Brian Sabean talks trade on CSN Bay Area

In this video, Brian Sabean kinda looks like a chopper pilot from an '80s movie who calmly tells you to come with him if you want to live. Also in this video, Sabean explains why it's so hard to swing a deal around the end of June, which is pretty interesting. It's obvious stuff, but it's fascinating to hear it from the "master of the dry hump."

The problem with this is that every game that passes without the player on the roster is lost value. So while the price might go down for Ricky Nolasco before the deadline, so does his value to the Giants. He could make four starts before now and July 31. Those are four starts the Giants aren't getting.

At least this is promising news, from the Chronicle:

Asked about rental players, he said, "It would take a lot of things lining up to take on a free-agent-to-be. It would be more interesting if it was a salary dump than if there were players attached."

That's about right, but ownership has to think that way, too. If the bean counters were adamant about not taking on salary, that would mean good prospects going the other way.

If I could be so bold, I'd reckon the Giants need prospects more than money right now. And that if the Giants could be a big-market bully in the draft or international market to get prospects, they would at least consider it to replenish the farm. They can't because of the new restrictions in the CBA, so eating money to save prospects is the next best thing.

In conclusion, here are some possible titles of the '80s movie in which Sabean would play a calm, focused helicopter pilot:

Dark Ascent
Blue Thunder II
Tangible Assets
Hard Stoppings
Gun Copter
Heli on Earth
Gun Copter II