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Giants sign Christian Arroyo for slot value

Like, exactly slot value.

Chung Sung-Jun

The Giants signed first-round pick Christian Arroyo on Tuesday. The recommended slot value for the #25 pick was $1,866,500. The Giants signed Arroyo for $1,866,500.

I don't know if you remember the Buster Posey negotiations, but there were actually Buster Posey negotiations. There were pre-draft rumors that Posey wasn't going to sign for less than $12 million, and they might have contributed to him slipping to the Giants at #5. And the signing deadline was approaching ... slowly ... slowly ... slowly ... without Posey signing. When's Posey going to sign? When's Posey going to sign? When's Posey going to sign?

Posey signed. But there was stress. There used to be a lot of stress for this stuff. And considering that the Pirates didn't get Mark Appel last year, there still can be. With the punitive draft rules in place now that strongly discourage teams for overpaying, these things go a lot quicker.

The Giants now have their first two picks in the fold, as Ryder Jones spurned Stanford and signed for $880,000 last week. The real drama will come with the late-round picks who were drafted below where they were expected to go, like 16th-rounder Jonah Arenado and 31st-rounder John Riley, both of whom were in Baseball America's top-500 list. If you're interested in that sort of sturm and drang of who will or won't sign, this thread is filled with people who know what they're talking about.

Welcome, Christian! Watch out for the mallet fingers.