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George Kontos, Bruce Bochy suspended for beanball shenanigans

Kontos also sent down. It is also his birthday. Happy birthday, George Kontos.

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After Gregor Blanco was hit unintentionally and Marco Scutaro was hit unintentionally, the Giants did the only thing they could: start winging the ball at various Pirates. Because here's what would happen if the Giants would have just let the matter go:

  • Exactly. Can't let that happen. Have to show the Pirates you mean business. But because Bruce Bochy ordered George Kontos to do the only unwritten thing he could unmanage in that situation, Kontos was suspended for three games, and Bochy for one. Bochy will serve his suspension on Wednesday night, and Kontos will serve his when he returns to the major leagues.

    Kontos was optioned to Triple-A Fresno today. Thus, the suspension will not be served until he returns to the Major League level. If he elects to file an appeal, the discipline issued to him will be held in abeyance until the process is complete.

    In addition, Giants manager Bruce Bochy has received a one-game suspension for the intentional actions of Kontos after a warning had been issued. Bochy will serve the suspension tonight, when the Giants continue their series at Pittsburgh.

    Sandy Rosario came up to take Kontos's place on the 25-man roster. My guess: Kontos isn't coming back until September, regardless of how well he pitches in Fresno. Because if the Giants are recalling a reliever, it's because there's an immediate need. If there's an immediate need, they aren't going to want to wait around three games to for Kontos to serve his suspension.

    The good news is that all of the Giants' unwritten problems were solved by adhering to the unwritten rules, and they're now in first place in the unrecorded standings. Also, that was the last time the Pittsburgh Pirates will ever hit a Giants batter unintentionally.

    Really, this was all so productive.

    Also, it's George Kontos's birthday. Happy birthday, George! I got you something. Sorry about the everything.