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Trio of mock drafts has Giants either getting a hitter or a pitcher

And he'll be from high school unless he's from college.

Mike Stobe

Mock drafts in baseball just aren't the same as they are in other sports. "Say, here's a player you've never heard of. He plays a position your team may or may not need right now, but, whatever, that might not be the case when he's ready for the majors. Which might be never. And these mock drafts are rarely accurate because it's hard to predict what 30 scouting departments are really thinking. Enjoy."

Still, I'm a sucker for them. And some new ones are out, so let's see what the Giants are expected to do when the Draft rolls around in a couple weeks. First, and Jonathan Mayo:

25. San Francisco Giants: Hunter Harvey, RHP, Bandys HS (N.C.)
The son of former big league pitcher Bryan Harvey has size and stuff, and it's clear he wants to enter pro ball. That could add up to him going before the Giants pick, but San Francisco knows how to develop young pitching.

Sounds enticing. Some video:

By golly, that fresh face makes rookie Tim Lincecum look like Vicente Padilla. But almost every other mock draft I've seen has Harvey going just a little higher (with Sickels being the lone holdout), so this might be something of an unlikely pick. has a mock draft up, and it has the Giants taking Ole Miss righty Bobby Wahl.

The defending World Series champions are built around pitching, and typically so are their drafts. A comfortable fit at this pick would be Wahl, a mature, a close-to-the-majors hurler with a drop-and-drive delivery and a wide range of pitch offerings. He has a 93 mph fastball but his out-pitch is a quality slider, which would fit right in in San Francisco.

This sounds like a double-down on the Chris Stratton strategy of getting a mature slider-tosser from a big program.

The video doesn't mention a slider, but you can see it around :30 of it. Looks good from here.

Keith Law's mock draft (Insider subscription required) has the Giants going for Eric Jagielo, a third baseman from Notre Dame with projectable power and defense that shouldn't push him off the position. The ESPN summary says he's …

… agile enough to stay at the position even though he's going to be among the bigger third basemen in pro ball.

But not the biggest! Maybe the Giants can move Sandoval to short and put Crawford in right field when the time comes. Also "Jagielo" sounds like "Juggalo", and that's good enough for me. Wearing animal hats is so last year. Spraying Cotton Candy Faygo on your seatmates after a home run? Probably the new thing.

I'm a little wary of a left-handed power guy in the first round, though. When fourth- or fifth-rounders like, say, Brandon Belt come around, that's great. But a first-round pick is expected to make the majors, so you have to factor in the ballpark just a little. I'd rather go power arm and hope the Giants can mold him in the tradition of first-rounders past.

While the odds are the Giants don't get a starter from the #25 pick, the odds are at least decent that one of these names will be a big deal in five years. Which one? That's the point. Good luck, Giants.