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Giants avoid triple play for 44th straight game

Ties franchise mark to start a season

Justin Edmonds

And in the Giants' 152nd game at Coors Field, they were shut out. It was the fourth time the Giants have been shut out in the history of Coors Field. This loss dropped them to third place.

On the bright side, the five runs allowed was the lowest total of the road trip. That's the bright side. That Barry Zito's 5.2 IP, 11 H, 2 BB, 4 K performance represented a new standard for Giants pitching.


You know what? I'll bet we can find more bright sides. We're an optimistic lot, here. Except for all the pessimism. And I want one more day with you guys. I want to play one more day with you. I want to see what Ryan Theriot wears tomor ... huh, sources say he hasn't put on pants since November. Ah, the retired life. But let's see if we can find more bright sides to this game, if not the entire road trip.

The Giants are 2-1 after getting shut out at Coors Field

That's a .667 winning percentage, which is the pace of a 108-win team. Look out, Nationals!

The first time the Giants were shut out in Coors Field, it was 2005, which was the start of an extended downcycle in Giants history

And that's totally unlikely to happen again. That's just the law of averages. It's already happened before. I mean, just because the pitching looks awful and broken right now doesn't mean anything scary for the future.

The Giants committed only one error on Sunday

Which means they're probably not going to commit a lot of errors for the rest of the season. If they committed three errors on Saturday and one on Sunday, that means they're probably going to make a great play on Monday (because great plays are the mathematical opposite of errors) and three great plays on Tuesday, just in time for McC Night at the Park!

Barry Zito did not fall down on the mound and become GIF bait

He remained on his feet, mostly. Except for that one liner back up the middle that made him do a half-flip and knocked his socks and shoes off as gigantic piece of onomatopeia filled the panel. But he's good for one of those a game.

The "Killer bees" scare of the '80s was mostly overblown

Turns out that the Africanized bees started mating with the European bees as they neared the southern borders, leading to strains that weren't quite as sociopathic. And now the news is even better, as bees are dying off in general. So don't worry about getting attacked by an aggressive swarm of bees! That's a bright side! Though you're much more likely to die of starvation because we need bees to grow crops and eat.

Still, not a single Giant was stung by a bee today. That's a good thing.

The Rockies still wear purple and have a dinosaur for a mascot

Can you even imagine? That seems awful. And the whole clubhouse smells like the things found in Todd Helton's goatee. Because, well, that's what's in there.

It creeped me out when the Giants kept winning in Coors Field

Look, I'm actually okay with Coors Field playing like a house of horrors. It's like the universe snapped into place. The world made more sense when they would lose in San Francisco and the Giants would lose in Denver. The Giants' continued success there made me question everything I used to believe.

Because this weekend was so lousy, here is a GIF of a dreaming hamster

Seemed important.