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Open Boston Marathon Thread

I was watching video of every 2013 Brandon Belt at-bat for today's post. Goodness, how stupid and trivial that seems now. It's impossible to care about the five should-be hits of Brandon Belt right now. It's impossible to care about baseball right now.

There were explosions at the finish line of the Boston Marathon on Monday, and there is all sorts of chaos and misinformation floating around right now. I know the editorial crew at SB Nation is pretty careful with what they put up, so check there for updates.

When something like this happens, some people look for ways to help. Some people make horrible jokes. Some people look to blame something or someone. I tend to freeze up and shut off my brain, which I'm not exactly proud of. But my thoughts are with everyone involved right now. And that's about all I can comprehend. So I apologize, but I also know the comments will start to drag the site down if something new isn't up, so here's a catch-all thread if you have links or information to share.