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Buster Posey doing an AMA on Reddit

Ask him anything!


In case you don't know, Reddit is a place on the Internet that is alternately brilliant, hilarious, terrifying, and soul-crushing. So, basically, it's like the Internet. And on this site, both celebrities and normal folk can host an AMA -- Ask Me Anything -- in which people throw out questions to be answered. Barack Obama* just did one, for example. And so did these people:

I Am Michael Bolton, Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter -- AMA

IAMA Manager at a strip club, AMAA

Semi-Professional 19 y/o Bagpiper in Canada... AMA

I’ve been touring across the country with a 10 ft. tall inflatable pig protesting Walmart. Maybe you’ve seen me on the news? AMA

So, yeah.

And into this impure den of iniquity and interesting questions, our fair hero dears to tread.

There is a precedence for baseball players doing an AMA. In fact, Jose Bautista did one today. Here are some of the questions!

how did steroids effect your sexual performance, for science

My roommate wants to know how all of the sudden you went from being almost non existent to hitting over 40 home runs a year.

Would you rather fight 100 Jon Rauch-sized ducks, or 1 horse-sized David Eckstein?

Atta boy, Internet. But there were also some legit questions and answers:

Q. Who is the toughest pitcher you have faced in the majors?

A. For right-handers it's Jered Weaver. For lefties it's CC Sabathia.

Q. How much does having a packed home stadium effect the performance of a team? Does it matter as much as everyone says?

A. It certainly helps. I wouldn't say that it necessarily makes a difference between winning or losing any particular game, but in the long-run the home-field advantage is real.

That last question was asked by user "damp_panties", by the way. Welcome to 2013. This is what my grandpa stormed Normandy for.

Your job, then, is to think of some good questions for Buster Posey. Even if you don't want to go set up a Reddit account to ask them, I'm sure someone here will ask him if the questions is good enough. What do you want to know from Buster Posey?

Confession: I can't think of a good one. Oh, I can think of a ton of baseball questions -- I'd love to know the particulars of the Bengie Molina transition and trade from his perspective -- but I anticipate the answers being on the safe, PR-friendly side. Somehow I don't think Posey's going to drop a bunch of f-bombs and tell about the time he helped Aubrey Huff push a Coke machine off an overpass.

But I'm sure there are good questions out there, and I'm sure some of them will be asked. Ask Buster Posey anything. This isn't anything Johnny Bench had to deal with, but I guess that's the point.

*The president