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So nobody cares about us anymore

Hey, anyone want to read about us? I mean ... oh, okay. No, it's cool, it's cool. Whatever. I'm totally fine that it's not a big deal anymore, and like, whatever.

It's just, like, we kind of decide the other 24 players on the roster. Who will play, who will sit. So ... but whatever, you totally aren't even listening right now.

It's not really about the attention, even. Just a little respect, that's all. I get that we didn't extend the contract of a young, personable face of the franchise or whatever, but we're still important. We're still a big deal. Your enjoyment of Giants baseball is directly tied to these extensions.

Okay, we didn't mean to keep you hanging around. Don't let us ruin your night or whatever. Just frolic in the dewey meadows of Poseylvania or some shit. We'll be right here. Waiting. Watching. Controlling things. No big deal.