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Giants extend Bruce Bochy, Brian Sabean through 2016

A club option can keep them around until 2017. There is no club option. There was never a club option.

I don't have a good Bochy/Sabean picture. Pretend that's Sabean. - Credit
I don't have a good Bochy/Sabean picture. Pretend that's Sabean. - Credit
Justin Sullivan

You knew it was coming. This is a headline akin to "Giants tender offer to Buster Posey." There wasn't a lot of hemming and hawing, just a lot of agent-related dickering to get the right numbers, and now we're here. From a Giants press release:

San Francisco Giants President and CEO Larry Baer today announced that the team has extended the contracts of Senior Vice President and General Manager Brian Sabean and Field Manager Bruce Bochy through the 2016 season, with options for both in 2017.

If the Giants exercise the option on Sabean in 2017 -- and considering he was extended in 2007 and 2009, we're in dead girl/live siamang territory here -- he'll have been the GM for 20 years. That's ... put it this way, Pat Gillick was a GM for 27 years and won three championships, and he's in the Hall of Fame. That's how rare this is.

And if Bochy is still around with the Giants in 2017, he'll have been a manager for 23 years ... and he still won't have been with the Giants as long as he was with the Padres.

Update: The Giants sent out another e-mail that was identical to the first, except all mentions of the club option were scrubbed. So, it's just an extension through 2016.

There's time for analysis later, but it will probably go like this:

Offhand mention of Jose Guillen or Orlando Cabrera
GIF(s) of Buster Posey jumping into a closer's arms
Grumbling about Randy Winn starting over John Bowker
Admission that I was wrong, they were right
Another admission that I was wrong, they were right
Plea to stop making me admit to my horrible baseball-related decisions
(Snarky parenthetical about Jose Guillen)


Wait, maybe I don't need analysis now.