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Open GamesThread, 3/19

Come for the WBC, stay for the tape-delayed Giants.


There's a Giants game at 7:00 p.m. ... but the broadcast is delayed until after the WBC final. So no spoilers in this thread.

Kidding. I think there's a special circle of hell for people who would get upset about exhibition spoilers. It ruins it for the rest of us who actually do freak out when we've taped a game.

The lineup for Puerto Rico:

1. Angel Pagan - CF
2. - 9. Whatever - (whatever)

And the lineup for the Giants:

1. Andres Torres - LF
2. Gregor Blanco - CF
3. Hunter Pence - RF
4. Brandon Belt - 1B
5. Brandon Crawford - SS
6. Cole Gillespie - DH
7. Guillermo Quiroz - C
8. Wilson Valdez - 3B
9. Kensuke Tanaka - 2B

Zito on the mound.