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Angel Pagan, Puerto Rico move on to WBC finals

The Giants' center fielder is looking for his second championship in six months. (The World Series is the other one.)

Thearon W. Henderson

Welcome to Angel Pagan, world. The most visible remaining Giant was 2-for-5. He saluted when he got on base. He took some hilariously wild swings. He also gambled on a dive, letting a ball get by him for a triple. In the end, he helped his team win. Angel Pagan!

From a Giants-centric perspective, Puerto Rico moving on was about the most interesting thing that could happen. While I'm pulling for maximum honkballing and Hensley Meulens, and while Santiago Casilla is still going in the tournament, Pagan is still the biggest Giant going.

Imagine a Puerto Rico/Dominican Republic matchup, with Pagan saluting every time he reaches base, Hanley Ramirez lo-viste-ing for no good reason, and Padres fans retching no matter what happens. That sounds like fun. Except for the Ramirez part. Man, I wish Clayton Kershaw acted more like that guy.

Considering that Vogelsong was never going to start the final, the only thing better than Pagan moving on would be Pablo Sandoval and Marco Scutaro there. As is, this is a pretty good consolation prize. Congrats to Pagan and Puerto Rico for moving on. And congrats to Giants fans for having at least one rooting interest remaining in the WBC.