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The link dump

more like tim linkecums, am i right?

Tony Medina

2013 Positional Power Rankings: Catcher | FanGraphs Baseball
Which team has the best group of catchers in the majors? Guess. Go on, guess. Take a wild guess. Just pick a team at random.



Lookout Landed - Lookout Landing
Jeff Sullivan is leaving SB Nation entirely, in case you didn't hear. And for all of the mock-warring that we like to wage with each other on Twitter, this is probably a good time to point out that I respect the hell out of him and his writing. He put so much into his recaps, staying up until 3:00 after some stupid eight-run loss to the Twins, making sure he could meet the lofty expectations he had set for himself. The only surprise for me was that he didn't snap two years ago.

This is probably a good place to leave links to the two Sullivan-inspired YouTube videos: The Danger of Jeff Sullivan and Grantbert & Sullivan. I'll miss him as a writer for SBN, but I also know that he's a fool, and that he'll try to fill the void by writing more for FanGraphs.


Rod Beck's family helps kids of substance abusers. |
A nice story from Gwen Knapp about Rod Beck's family. Every year I get closer to the age Beck was when he passed, and it always makes me appreciate just how young he was.

Eddie Murray up, bases loaded, division on the line ...


Your Starting Nine - CBS Sports
Buster Posey as a wee lad, talking about his playing-nine-positions stunt. You either want to pinch his cheeks or order him into basic training. I wonder what that Posey would think of the hippie long-hair today's Posey became.


Comments by Brandon McCarthy make a stathead reconsider his position on chemistry | Hit and Run -
I can't stand it when division rivals have players I like. Would it kill Clayton Kershaw to punch an autograph-seeker or something? This year, the Diamondbacks will have both Cody Ross and Brandon McCarthy. They were supposed to sign Scott Hairston and Shane Victorino instead, dang it.


Panik a throwback kind of prospect | News
Still manic about Panik. He's going to be a bigger story by this time next year, but until then, here's a little profile on him. I'm looking forward to all sorts of I-still-like-Scutaro-but articles over the next three years.


The Cutest and Most Dad-Like Baseball Card Series Ever: Milk Bone’s 1993 Card Set - Old Time Family Baseball
So Will Clark's mustache is, like, the 32nd-least offensive aesthetic crime in this set.