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Giants make cuts, and Peguero might be a 'front-runner'

Man, nothing worse than a bunch of front-runners.

Jason O. Watson

Some of the fringe candidates for the remaining utility spots were reassigned to minor-league camp according to Andrew Baggarly, with Brock Bond, Heath Hembree, and others getting reassigned.

Reassigned to minor league camp: RHP Brett Bochy, RHP Boof Bonser, RHP Steve Edlefsen, RHP Heath Hembree, LHP Mike Kickham, RHP Mitch Lively, RHP Shane Loux, 1B Ricky Oropesa, 3B Adam Duvall, 2B Brock Bond, OF Gary Brown, C Tyler La Torre.

Optioned to Triple-A Fresno: SS Ehire Adrianza, INF Nick Noonan, OF Juan Perez, OF Roger Kieschnick, RHP Jake Dunning, RHP Chris Heston, RHP Dan Otero, RHP Sandy Rosario.

Optioned to Single-A San Jose: LHP Edwin "Esky" Escobar.

Bond will be on the 40-man one of these days, dang it. But until he is, he's at a big disadvantage in these kinds of roster scrums. Heath Hembree was a fringe candidate when camp started, and he never came close to pitching his way into consideration. The same goes for Juan Perez, whose right-handed speed, power, and defense could have helped him worm his way into the final round of cuts. Alas, he was bad in 25 at-bats. Spring baseball!

Two more developments, with one being something of a surprise and the other one being expected. First up, the somewhat-surprising news via John Shea that Francisco Peguero might be the "front-runner" for the fifth-outfielder job:

Sabean: "I think we’re more pleased with the choices we may have for the 12th pitcher and perhaps with (Gregor) Blanco and (Andres) Torres probably platooning, and it seems like Peguero has stepped up – he might be a front-runner for the extra outfielder – vs. someone rearing his head as a utility infielder. We still have time, and Abreu needs to play more. We have to take a look at him."

As much as I'm loath to bury a toolsy, Neneh-Cherry-album-titled quasi-prospect at the back of the bench, where he won't get any at-bats, I can't help but think of Pedro Feliz's career path. Feliz had the lowest on-base percentage in history of any hitter with a slugging percentage over .500 in more than 200 at-bats. Pitchers and catchers didn't plan for Pedro Feliz, and for a while, he could kinda sorta get away with it. He was a net asset in 2003.

Seeing as I'm more concerned with the 2013 Giants rather than Peguero's ability to help the 2016 Giants, it would be great if he could contribute some brainless power and athleticism. I'd sacrifice some development for that, seeing as I'm not really a believer of Peguero as a prospect.

I'm still in Camp Gillespie, though. I don't see how there's much of a decision between the two. The only real competition Gillespie should have is with the players on the other 29 teams who get cut or waived before the season starts.

The non-surprising news is that Kensuke Tanaka isn't going to make the team, according to Baggarly. Other than him not doing anything particularly well, it looked like he had a shot. He'll likely go to Fresno, and maybe he'll do much better without the pressure of trying to make the team.

Hoping for Abreu and Gillespie at this point, but expecting Wilson Valdez and Peguero.