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Vogelsong pitches well, and updates on the other Giants in the WBC


I wonder if Ryan Vogelsong does his pre-start don't-talk-to-me-or-I'll-stab-you routine with his WBC teammates, too. He has to, right? Like, Joe Mauer probably didn't have any idea, and when he said, "Hey, Ryan, want to play pinochle?", Vogelsong probably threw a glass of hydrochloric acid on him. Also, I get the impression that Vogelsong walks around with a glass of hydrochloric acid before his starts, just waiting for someone to talk to him.

Vogelsong had a rough start to the must-win game, allowing two early runs and five hits, as it seems that Giants pitchers can't get Nick Punto out in this WBC, but I'm sure that will never come up again. Vogelsong settled down and got the win, though, striking out six without allowing a walk. Here he is, using words and such:

Other Giants in the Classic:

  1. Jeremy Affeldt looked good in his one inning of work, although he was facing Italian hitters who were literally trying to kick the ball. Literally! I guess they've never seen this wacky game before, and Affeldt took advantage. (Okay, maybe that's laying it on a little thick. Affeldt had to face Anthony Rizzo, for example, and the curveball was snapping. Good sign! Or meaningless spring outing masquerading as a good sign! One or the other.)
  2. Angel Pagan was a salutin' fool for Puerto Rico, as he was 3-for-5 in a win against Venezuela. The downside is that he was beating up on Giants South, and Venezuela isn't going to move on. That means less Marco Scutaro and Pablo Sandoval in the WBC, which is a shame, but the good news is that there will be less Marco Scutaro and Pablo Sandoval in the WBC. I'm so conflicted about all this.

  3. I don't know where Sergio Romo was during this insane fracas, and I don't want to. Goodness. And after all the hand-wringing about Romo in the WBC, it turns out that he pitched two innings. We'll have to remember that when we freak out about Brett Bochy or someone in three years.

If you're rooting for Giants in the WBC, you're rooting for a U.S./Puerto Rico final with Vogelsong on the mound. Which would be pretty cool. Although Tyler LaTorre hitting a walk-off at AT&T to win the WBC for Italy would be something I'd pay good money for, even if I have no attachment to team Italy. I guess my daughter is a quarter Italian, so that's something. She would also qualify for the team!