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Sergio Romo signs two-year deal, avoids arbitration

This doesn't change much of anything, including the fact that Sergio Romo is still rad.

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Sergio Romo has long been the official reliever of McCovey Chronicles, and he's been so since the days when this was considered a site-wide freakout around here. We have GIFs to celebrate his existence!



So it's with great pleasure that I relay the news that Sergio Romo has agreed to a two-year deal to avoid arbitration. Now, please note this doesn't stop him from being a free agent after next season. This isn't really huge news, I guess. He was probably going to be around here next year anyway.

What the news serves as, I suppose, is a reminder that Romo is going to be around here for two more years, at least. Considering his occasionally barky elbow, you can understand why the Giants don't want to sign him to the 12-year deal to which I would have already signed him, but he's not going anywhere in the short term. Let's celebrate by looking at the complete list of relievers who have a strikeout-to-walk ratio over five with more than 200 career innings!

Rk Player SO/BB
1 Koji Uehara 7.97
2 Sergio Romo 5.77

Dang, Koji. Still, that's the list. Baseball is strikeout-happy now, and there are few pitchers as well-positioned to take care of that as Sergio Romo. It's nice to have him around.