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Very Important Theatre, Vol. I

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This seemed important. And from now on, whenever I find something that seems this important, I'll share them with you in an episode of Very Important Theatre. The "re" at the end of "Theatre" is how you know it's classy.

Eventually we'll work our way to the scene from Getting Even With Dad where Macaulay Culkin uses a Giants hat, Giants Starter jacket, and Giants ... book? escape from a police tail.


But you can't just jump into something that important for the first installment. Oh, man, no, no, no. You wouldn't be able to top it. So instead, here's Willie Mays on a game show from 1968.

And as I'm always on the lookout for some sweet rally images or GIFs, here's Willie Mays eating an ice cream bar and looking really angry while being obscured by his own name as he's introduced for a game show. Like everything you've read and seen in this post, it seemed important.