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On the way home from my daughter's school Thursday, I saw about 2,493 people wearing Niners gear. On the way home from my daughter's school today, I didn't see anyone in Niners gear, but I did see three people in San Francisco Giants sweatshirts.

So it goes.

Like most of you, I'm more than a little devastated today. At the risk of alienating the few of you who actually read these posts, I'll admit that I get more emotionally invested in the 49ers games than the Giants games these days, only because one is a game and the other is work. So while I'm still primarily a baseball fan, even during the World Series I'm concerned about what to GIF, what the narrative of the game is, and how to write "Matt Cain throw ball well" differently from the thousand ways I've written it before. With football, I can just be loud and stupid like a good 'Merican.

Today, I'm the guy in the Giants sweatshirt. Spiritually, at least. I can't afford one o' them real Giants sweatshirts. It feels a little cheap and tawdry to fall back on the World Series after sexting another championship behind its back, but, well, I don't know what else to do.

Over and over again. I'll just keep watching that on a loop. Ooh, and there's this one:

That's Latos after giving up the grand slam, and it's a personal favorite. Though I guess if you're not as into the whole schadenfreude thing, you can fixate on this one for a bit.

So calming. I guess this doesn't get old, either:

I like the video better than the GIF for that last one. Because of the happy sounds. So, so happy.

I recently went back and re-read the post-Series thread because I couldn't remember what I wrote. I kind of wish I hadn't. I focused on not taking anything for granted, how even though it was the second World Series title for the Giants in three years, there was no guarantee it was ever going to happen again. One minute Orval Overall is getting Boss Schmidt to ground out, and the next minute there's a century-long drought. The 2012 World Series might be stuck in our heads for decades for all the wrong reasons.

Getting dark again.


Some of you don't even care about the Niners. Here's a post with copious reminders of the Giants' recent success! Boy howdy, what did you do to deserve that? For the rest of us, this is kind of the only refuge. I'm going to print a picture of Mat Latos giving up the grand slam, put it in a locket, and clutch it tightly today. Maybe I'll go to a dog park and roll around with some puppies.

Maybe I'll sit in the corner and wait for baseball to start again.

I have feelings, everybody. I have feelings about what happened on Sunday. So here are unrelated moving images that make me feel better. Maybe they'll help you out, too.