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Linkend Week Dump

The Giants are undefeated, so I put $100 down on them to win the World Series again. You should, too.

Hey. 'Sup. My name's Barry.
Hey. 'Sup. My name's Barry.
Jamie Squire

Links! (They're the bold words above the non-bold words.)

Los Angeles Angels 1, San Francisco Giants 4 - February 23, 2013
Stat of the day: GameDay says Ryan Vogelsong threw 12 pitches in two full innings. Even though that's probably not right, it's what I'm choosing to believe. Gary Brown was 1-for-2 with a double, so he's probably ready to take over in center for the regular season now. And ... let's see ... yeah, it's funny how excited we all get before the first game of spring training, and then when it happens, it's like, "Oh ... right. Exhibition games. Huh."

Chad Gaudin pitched two innings, allowing a walk, two hits, and a run. This sort of feat is called "The Gaudin."


Answer Man: Brandon Belt talks belts, giraffes, Roger Federer and Carrie Underwood’s hair
Dave Brown is a silly man, and he asks Brandon Belt some silly questions. Silliness ensues.


International Free Agent Profile: Kensuke Tanaka, Second Baseman - Amazin' Avenue
I didn't realize that AA did a profile of Tenaka before the Giants signed him. Of note was this line:

In addition, his home stadium, the Sapporo Dome, is known for being one of Japan’s best pitchers' parks. Given the context, hitting a few shades under .300 is perfectly acceptable.


How the Giants put Posey back together | CSN Bay Area
Excellent article from Andrew Baggarly about the rebuilding of Buster Posey. They had the technology.


Prospect Instinct 2012 | Jeffrey Soptic, RHP Chicago White Sox | Baseball Instinct
Jeffrey Soptic profile. He's tall, and he throws hard. Even if he doesn't exactly throw it where he wants to, he still throws hard. As hard as Conor Gillaspie? Well, gee, it's hard to say until we actually watch Soptic live.


Ernest Hemingway: The Spring Training Stories | Articles | Bill James Online
I enjoyed this. And, considering the Venn diagram of baseball/literature nerds around here, you might, too.