Community Prospect List: The Results

Here it is: the complete 2013 Community Prospect List. Thanks to everyone who participated in the voting and/or the discussions this year, I always learn much more from y'all than I could ever hope to get back.

Here's to a great 2013 for the Giants minor league affiliates! And the big club too I guess. I don't want to get greedy.

The list:

1. Kyle Crick

2. Gary Brown

3. Clayton Blackburn

4. Chris Stratton

5. Joe Panik

6. Mike Kickham

7. Heath Hembree

8. Mac Williamson

9. Adalberto Mejia

10. Gustavo Cabrera

11. Martin Agosta

12. Edwin Escobar

13. Chris Heston

14a. Francisco Peguero

14b. Andrew Susac

16. Adam Duvall

17. Josh Osich

18. Roger Kieschnick

19. Nick Noonan

20. Eric Surkamp

21. Ehire Adrianza

22. Shawn Payne

23. Brett Bochy

24. Ricky Oropesa

25. Jacob Dunnington

26. Shilo McCall

27. Cody Hall

28. Tyler Hollick

29. Keury Mella

30. Steven Okert

31. Bryce Bandilla

32. Nathanael Javier

33. Stephen Johnson

34. Joan Gregorio

35. Chuckie Jones

36. E.J. Encinosa

37. Conor Gillaspie

38. Travious Relaford

39. Christopher Marlowe

40. Jesus Galindo

41. Juan Carlos Perez

42t. Shayne Houck

42t. John Polonius

44. Carter Jurica

Thanks everybody!

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