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Report: Giants minor leaguers injured in car crash

Jennifer Hilderbrand-US PRESSWIRE

KTVU is reporting that a Scottsdale car accident Tuesday morning involves four people affiliated with the Giants' organization:

Battalion Chief Rod Thompson says the four were taken to a hospital for injuries suffered when their passenger van collided with a car near a hotel.

Thompson says one person's injuries are considered critical and possibly life-threatening. He said players appear to be among those hurt. No further details are immediately available.

Keeping a good thought and hoping for the best is probably a better use for your energy than speculating or passing on stray tweets. I think about the families and young people involved, and I can't, just can't, imagine what's going on right now in Arizona. Absolutely horrifying.

This is the second major accident involving Giants minor leaguers this offseason. Early in November, 17-year-old prospect Gustavo Cabrera almost lost his hand in a freak accident at home.

Here's hoping for good news throughout the day.

Update: According to, 13 people were involved in the accident. Let's hope this is true:

"The van had 12 people in it, who were in town for a sports training camp," Clark said in an email to media outlets.

Three of those people were taken to Scottsdale Healthcare Medical Center Osborn. Their injuries reportedly were not life-threatening.

It's scary that the number of people involved jumped up. The report that none of the injuries were life-threatening is much better news than the first result.

Update: Missed this tweet from Baggs earlier ...

Update: Official confirmation from the Giants that the injuries aren't life-threatening, via Janie McCauley: