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Minor League Ball: Giants top 20 prospects for 2014

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

John Sickels has his top-20 Giants prospects up at Minor League Ball, which is always a good read. Here's a snippet:

1. Kyle Crick

That's what's known in the industry as a teaser. Now you have to click.

The abridged system report: Lots of pitching depth, little hitting depth, few potential stars other than Crick. Also, Sickels likes Andrew Susac a lot more than a lot of prospect mavens.

The depth is still impressive to me, and the Giants don't get into the "C+"s until Joan Gregorio at #12. Here's where they got their first C+ grade in years past:

2005: #12 (Billy Sadler)

2006: #12 (Fred Lewis)

2007: #8 (Fred Lewis)

2008: #9 (Wendell Fairley)

2009: #8 (Travis Ishikawa)

2010: #11 (Rafael Rodriguez)

2011: #8 (Ehire Adrianza)

2012: #8 (Kyle Crick)

2013: #10 (Francisco Peguero)

So if it feels like the Giants' system has a wee more depth when it comes to interesting players (without a lot of potential stars), you're not far off. They don't start getting into the C+ players for a while. You have to go back to 2006 to find a Sickels ranking like that.

Though if I had to be honest, I'd prefer the Giants had 20 Kyle Cricks, give or take. Still, I'm on the Blachwagon, so I'm optimistic. Who else wants on the Blachwagon? There's room. Come on. Blachwagon.