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How Willie Mays helped "A Charlie Brown Christmas" get made

Which parade is this from? lol can't keep track
Which parade is this from? lol can't keep track

Happy holidays! Your present is to learn that Willie Mays is partially responsible for A Charlie Brown Christmas, which is like the Willie Mays of animated holiday specials. Here's a link with the story:

I told (Charles Schulz) I had produced (a documentary on Willie Mays) and wanted to do something similar with him. There was a long pause, and then he said: "Well maybe we should at least meet. If Willie can trust you with his life, maybe I can do the same. But I can’t promise anything."

That was the start of a relationship between Schulz and producer Lee Mendelson that would span decades. Willie Mays opened the door.

If you don't like reading words so much, here's Lee Mendelson telling the story:

This is one of my favorite things ever, by the way. It's like finding out the Beatles told Joseph Heller to write a novel based on his WWII experiences.

Also, here's a holiday picture of Mays for your collection:


via San Francisco Public Library


But do you have someone you hate? Like, really, really hate? Maybe an ex, or a bully from your days in the schoolyard? How about a boss, an ex-boss, or an ungrateful co-worker?

Goodness, don't share that Mays story or picture with them. Make them click this link instead. If you're good with the codes and the programming and the whatnot, make it autoplay on their computers until they have to take out the battery. However, I must ask that you do not click that link. It is not for you. Or anyone, really. Just your enemies.

Well, annoying your enemies should be a holiday tradition.

Happy holidays, everyone.