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The 41 players on the Giants' 40-man roster

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

You didn't ask for it, but here's the Giants' 40-man roster:

1 Jeremy Affeldt
2 Madison Bumgarner
3 Matt Cain
4 Santiago Casilla
5 Erik Cordier
6 Jose De Paula
7 Jake Dunning
8 Edwin Escobar
9 Kendry Flores
10 Heath Hembree
11 Tim Hudson
12 Mike Kickham
13 George Kontos
14 Tim Lincecum
15 Javier Lopez
16 Jean Machi
17 Yusmeiro Petit
18 Sergio Romo
19 Hunter Strickland
20 Eric Surkamp
21 Ryan Vogelsong
22 Buster Posey
23 Hector Sanchez
24 Tony Abreu
25 Ehire Adrianza
26 Joaquin Arias
27 Brandon Belt
28 Brandon Crawford
29 Adam Duvall
30 Nick Noonan
31 Brett Pill
32 Pablo Sandoval
33 Marco Scutaro
34 Angel Villalona
35 Gregor Blanco
36 Gary Brown
37 Roger Kieschnick
38 Michael Morse
39 Angel Pagan
40 Hunter Pence
41 Juan Perez

Funny thing about that 40-man roster. See if you can spot it.

There's actually one woman mixed in there, so "40-man roster" is a misnomer.

That's not true.

Erik Cordier is actually the executive chef at Geuxloph, and not a baseball player.

That is also not true.

Man, this is hard.

There are 41 men on that 40-man roster. Someone's gotta go, and probably in the next several hours. The scuttlebutt is that the Giants are working on minor deals, and they've lasted this long with 41 players because of the wheels of bureaucracy.

In the call, Brian Sabean said neither Morse nor Ryan Vogelsong has been added to the 40-man roster yet because the paperwork still is being processed through Major League Baseball, which apparently has an excess of transactions to get through.

Someone gotta go. When you eliminate the starters, major-league assets, and obvious prospects, you get the following list:

Roger Kieschnick
Angel Villalona
Ehire Adrianza
Brett Pill
Nick Noonan
Adam Duvall
Tony Abreu and/or Joaquin Arias
Yusmeiro Petit
Erik Cordier
Jose De Paula
George Kontos
Hunter Strickland

Hey, I'm casting a wide net. I don't think Kontos is really on the bubble or about to be traded, and the same goes for Kieschnick, Duvall, or Petit. Or Abreu/Arias. Or ... you get the idea. Just listing names and being open-minded, don't blame me.

The Cordier move was interesting -- a very risky, possibly rewarding, un-Giants move. He's a flamethrower who can't hit the side of a Colon, yet he was given a 40-man spot. The De Paula move was interesting, too, as him and Surkamp on the same roster are slightly redundant as emergency policies for the rotation. Strickland is recovering from Tommy John, and he was added to the 40-man to prevent teams from taking him in the Rule 5 and stashing him on the 60-day DL. Now that the Rule 5 is over, maybe he'd squeak through waivers if he were taken off the roster.

On the trade front, the Brewers are so desperate for a low-priced first baseman that Brett Pill might actually make sense for them. And the Pirates just signed Travis Ishikawa, so maybe they want to complete the set. Andrew Baggarly says that both Noonan and Adrianza have generated interest in the past.

I'll guess it's Strickland's turn again. He was designated for assignment in July to make room for Petit, but he cleared waivers. The 60-day DL technicality is why he's on the roster in the first place, but teams are guarding those 40-man spots fiercely now. They always do around this time of year, just in case they need to add someone. Considering how boring the Rule 5 Draft was this year, I'm guessing there aren't a lot of teams that would take a chance on a reliever recovering from Tommy John.

Well, that was about 400 words more than I intended to write, which means that by the time I post, the Giants will have made their decision about whom to remove. Can't wait to see what that decision is.