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Report: Michael Morse is a goofy man

Mike Morse would probably be the largest human you've seen in person. He's also a silly, silly man.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Here is Mike Morse swinging a bat in slow motion:

Here is Mike Morse wearing sweatshorts and being a goofball on TV. Warning: Kevin Millar.

And here is Nationals Park singing along to Morse's walk-up song, from A-Ha:

I don't even remember what Gregor Blanco's walkup song is.

And I know Bryan embedded this in his post, but it doesn't really get old:

So forget about the defensive downgrade, citizen. We're getting another goofy dude. There is a 43-percent chance of Brandon Belt, Hunter Pence, and Morse getting lost in a corn maze this year, possibly during a game.

You can't really want another championship that soon, can you? Go with the personalities first, and hope the championships follow. That's how the world works, people.