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Michael Morse 2014 projections in AT&T Park

What will the Giants get from Michael Morse, their new quasi-slugger?

Mike Zarrilli

Really, the part that gets me really mad is that I should have had this crap pre-written months ago. Did you notice that Morse is currently in the site's tagline? Been like that for at least a month. This was so obvious.

The more I think about it, the more I think Mike Morse is just a radioactive Xavier Nady. This is an attempt to fix something that was less broken than a lot of people thought. Gregor Blanco has been good, dang it. Everyone's still used to league numbers and park factors from a decade ago, and that's why there was the weird fetish with replacing Blanco. The odds are good the Giants actively made themselves worse.

Don't take my word for it. Let's go to Dan Szymborski, who does the ZiPS projections, rustled up a quick projection for Morse in his new park:

A win for $5 million isn't out of whack. It's actually pretty close to the market rate. The problem was the Giants were already doing better with Blanco/Perez.

Still, I'll stick with apathy, for the most part. Hoping for career years is something of a tradition around these parts. I don't mind hoping like hell for another season. Alright, I mind, but I can find other things to mind more.